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The Network Nervous System (NNS)

The Network Nervous System (NNS) is the original ICP staking platform. As a decentralized governance system, the NNS enables ICP token holders to participate in decision-making processes regarding the network's evolution (governance). It allows users to stake their ICP tokens to earn voting power, giving them a voice in proposing and voting on changes to the network's protocol, upgrades, and canister installations. The NNS plays a crucial role in the governance of the Internet Computer.

What are neurons?

A neuron locks a balance of ICP and enables its owner to participate in network governance, through which they can earn rewards. They possess various attributes, including identity, account, controller, hot keys for limited actions, creation timestamp, aging timestamp, dissolve state, maturity for voting rewards, follow relationships for automatic voting, recent votes, and not-for-profit status, which determines if they are dissolvable by voting.

Staking neurons on the NNS

  1. Stake your amount and create your neuron.

  1. Set the dissolve delay of your neuron, as shown below.

  1. Set your neuron to follow other neurons to automate your voting and earn rewards.

Conclusion of the NNS

Staking on the NNS platform means locking ICP tokens in a "neuron" for a set period to participate in network governance and earn rewards. Once staked, these tokens are inaccessible until the period ends, and understanding terms like neurons and dissolve delay is crucial. While the NNS is a pioneering staking platform, our platform, Rakeoff, offers a simpler and quicker staking process with fewer new terms to learn. As well, Rakeoff provides access to the first ICP no-loss prize pool. We aim to create a user-friendly ICP blockchain platform, supported by Dfinity, with a growing community.

Similarities between Rakeoff and the NNS:

  • Both NNS and Rakeoff offer ICP wallets for users to store, transfer, and send ICP tokens securely.

  • Both platforms provide staking options and the creation of neurons. However, in Rakeoff we simply call neurons "Staked ICP". Both allow users to participate in network governance and earn rewards.

The Rakeoff advantage

  1. Easier Staking UX: We simplify the staking process with a user-friendly interface and user experience. With just one click, users can stake their ICP tokens without the need for complex terminologies and configuration options like "neurons", "dissolve delays" and "follow neurons", which are used in the NNS. On Rakeoff all of these processes are done automatically for you (and can be configured later on - if you wish).

  1. Unique Prize Pool: Rakeoff sets itself apart with a unique prize pool feature. Users can disburse their staking rewards into the prize pool for a chance to win a substantial amount of ICP. Learn more about the Rakeoff no-loss prize pool below.

  1. Achievement rewards: Rakeoff includes an ICP achievements bonus system with five distinct levels. This has been designed to reward users with an additional ICP bonus for staking on our platform. We’ve seamlessly integrated the achievements bonus system within the “Details” section of your staked ICP. To be eligible for an achievement bonus, you must hit one of the achievement levels minimum stake requirements and your stake must be at least 2 weeks old. Learn more about the achievement rewards in our staking guide below.

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